Hawaiian Life is a Charmed one!

If you haven’t been to Hawaii, get there, seriously. It is well worth the trip.image

The first time we ended up in Hawaii it was for a cruise. A dear friend was working for Norwegian on the Pride of America, and we decided to sail with him for a week around the Hawaiian Islands. This was our first cruise together, and while we weren’t sure what to expect, we had a blast. We rented a jeep at every port, and had fun exploring the Islands.  Our cruise starrted in Honolulu and we stayed at a 5 star hotel here, both before, and after. imageThis is where I fell in love with THE ROYAL HAWAIIAN in all it’s pink glory. imageThe home of the Mai Tai on Waikiki beach has a fan in me and I am sure I will stay there many more times. It’s 2 and counting presently 🙂 image

The hotel we stayed in next was the Kahala…another fabulous hotel that is just perfect in every way. The Kahala is off the strip and about a half hour drive from downtown Waikiki. It sits in a quiet residential section of Honolulu, very posh. It seemed to be the venue of choice for Japanese tourists who want a beach wedding. I LOVED the hotel menu because much of it was Japanese cuisine. If you get the chance to order what we now call “Japanese breakfast” which is rice with some sort of cubed steak and gravy, with a fried egg on top, do it! So Yummy! The rooms at the Kahala were large and spectacular. We were upgraded to an ocean view suite and we really didn’t want to leave, ever.image

Another really cool thing about the Kahala is their dolphin lagoon. I have never seen happier and friendlier dolphins! They literally swim by and look at you like they are saying hi..kind of like a friendly dog. SO sweet!image

We decided on this cruise that we loved all of the Islands, but we definitely wanted to return to spend more time in Kauai. If you have seen Jurassic Park, then you know why Kauai is irresistible. The next year we planned a trip to Oahu (Because you know I HAD to stay at the Royal Hawaiian again!) and then on to magical Kauai. Once you are on any Island in Hawaii, it’s v easy to island hop, either by ferry, or plane. We  love  Hawaiian Airlines. What an excellent logo  they have…You can even arrange for a lei greeting  ;))image

Kauai is a wild and beautiful island…it feels so foreign and exotic. image

We stayed in Popiu beach, aka, the south side of the island. The South is known to be sunny and the North (Princeville) is more rainy, though IMO, more beautiful. As long as you rent a car, it doesn’t So much matter where you stay in Kauai, and I would never recommend being here without a car.  If you just want to sit on one beach, go to Mexico, Hawaii is about exploring, and Kauai is this way especially.image

We chose the Grand Hyatt in Kauai and were very happy with our choice. Their lobby is majestic with it’s ocean view and exotic birds. The salt water lagoon and water slide were also terrific. We had breakfast every day in the restaurant overlooking the golf course. Wonderful, delicious, and yes, they had the “Japanese breakfast.” This Hyatt is every inch a resort, with all the bells and whistles you would expect.  All of the rooms are super  with that distinct clean and minimal Hyatt feel.  We were upgraded to a suite which had an amazing view at sunrise. Love!image

Now, it’s that time again, time to revisit Hawaii!! We have decided to start our trip on Maui and then again visit Kauai. We are doing a short trip, just 5 nights…which I feel is a good amount of time for us to wander around eating tuna poke and searching out secluded beaches and waterfalls.  Delta flights tend to leave Hawaiian islands late, like 10:30 pm, so even if you go for 5 nights, you end up with 6 days. I like that! Because of this, it is important to choose a hotel with a hospitality room, where you can shower on your last day, or just get the room for an extra day if you are at an economy motel. (Not so much for me)imageHotel Wailea has just been renovated…and it is Adult-friendly 🙂image

I have decided on this luxurious boutique hotel in Maui which was originally designed as corporate housing for Japanese investors. Each suite is 900 square feet and has a kitchen with high end appliances. The grounds feature Japanese Gardens and koi ponds and an intimate pool. I have read reviews that say it is nothing but couples…and complaints saying there isn’t anything for kids to do there. Sounds perfect to me!! I really wish there were MANY more ADULTS ONLY hotels in the world. I also wish parents in general took more time teaching their children manners. I find at nicer hotels- the kids are generally well mannered, and that is another reason I tend to choose them. (I pray the kids at the Sheraton Kauai are well-bred and polite.) imageThe Kitchen  at Hotel Wailea really thrills me!  It will be easy to be healthy! With our intermittent fasting, we generally only eat one to two meals a day and it is important that we have a lot of protein and veggies. This will be the first time being in Hawaii and following this style of eating. I feel positive it will be easy to do. So excited!! I have already called the Hotel Wailea to let them know it is my darling’s birthday and found them to be very pleasant on the phone.  I hear all of the rooms have incredible views and according to the lady I spoke with, all of the rooms are now renovated, and the pool is brand new- and ready for romantic dips!  I am feeling very positive about our time in Maui!

image The next leg of our trip will happen in Kauai…and I am a bit concerned about my choice of the Sheraton. I decided to choose it because I found a great rate on an ocean front room and I read that the rooms were literally steps from the water. imageThose night stars sold me! Being that close to the ocean was something I didn’t experience at the Grand Hyatt so it seems like a nice change. In all honesty I really wanted to stay at the St. Regis in Princeville, but the price was quite steep so I thought I would save up some points and do it next time.

imageLast time we were in Kauai we found this AMAZING beach, the best beach I have ever seen, and I have seen a LOT. It was part of a nature reserve and off the beaten path. We drove for miles down a very bumpy and narrow dirt trail to find it. 4-Wheel drive is a good idea in Kauai 🙂 When we got to the beach it was HUGE, with sand as far as the eye could see. We were literally the only ones there. We have already decided that we must find it again and spend a day admiring it’s majestic beauty.

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