Getting a dual citizenship has many perks!

It came today, the package I’ve been waiting for, the package which makes me v close to becoming an Italian!! It’s true! image

About a year ago I learned that people who are even one quarter Italian (like moi) can apply for dual citizenship with Italy! It’s a process…lots of paperwork and lots of waiting but will be So worth it in the end.  I will literally be able to live and work anywhere in the EU! So for me, that means Spain!!

When I decided to look into to find out whatever I could about my grandfather, I found out something v interesting:  I found out that he was never naturalized. This means that he was legally a citizen of Italy the entire time. There are a few different stories as to why he never became an American, though who knows what is true. A crazy aunt of mine actually accused me of “digging up dirt” about my family. Apparently she knew the whole time but never told anyone…who knows why. Like I said, she is batty.  Possibly even a Scientologist. Sigh.

Either way, this news meant it would be extremely easy for me to prove I was qualified to become an Italian. I was thrilled!!

In short, if you are one quarter Italian and whoever was born in Italy in your family never renounced their Italian citizenship, you qualify.


Things you can do with an Italian passport: many! Traveling with one is much safer whenever you are in one of the many places where people aren’t so fond of Americans.

You also can get free healthcare and schooling in Italy. Pretty awesome, right?  It definitely makes you more marketable if you work for an international corporation. The most important thing for me is that I can move there and work there easily. Not that I may ever do this, but the option feels liberating.

Check out this link w all the FAQ’s and I will see you in Italy!

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  1. Thanks for all the leg work you did with
    I found this fascinating.
    I am sure that Sarah is going to work hard to do the same.
    Thank you for helping her!

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