Is a Bloody Mary in Kauai worthy of a post? In this case….

imageI make the BEST bloody mary. Don’t even try me, unless you know a little something about pickling your own brussel sprouts…and then I will shut up. You win with those brussel sprouts Michael! Who ever knew that this little green brain could blow mine? There is this little strip in Kauai (Koloa Town) where only good things live. They have the best poke, the best wine shop, and the best place to brunch: La Spezia…if you like a little bacon in your brie french toast. who doesn’t? It’s the missing link which isn’t a link, so to speak)

michael, the creator of this magnificent miracle
michael, the creator of this magnificent miracle






Hotel food: is overpriced and bland…You deserve more, so get in your rental car (let’s hope it’s a jeep) and drive around a little. If you are in Popui, the Sunny South, check out this little area. Here you feel and eat like a local. If you happen to hang here twice in a day (we did) don’t be surprised when a shop-owner remembers your name. I write about hotels, and I LOVE hotels…but, I ADORE an excellent Bloody Mary…if you think you know all about Bloody Mary’s, check this place out, La Spezia, bc this Bloody Mary will have you jamming on the upright piano.

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