Dig Deeper for the Pink Sand in Bermuda


We visited the charming island of Bermuda in search of pink sand, that is, Legendary Pink Sand. Did we find it…well….image

The sand in Bermuda used to be VERY Pink, and over the years many storms have carried away the broken shells which make up that pink sand. Interestingly, the beaches in Bermuda are natural, meaning, that unlike most beaches I spent my childhood in Florida on, which have sand imported seemingly all the time, the beaches in Bermuda actually replenish themselves. During a storm the beach is mostly lost, and then quickly, as in within weeks, the sand and beach is magically back! We met some locals who explained this to us and found it fascinating.image

The sand you will find in Bermuda today is much more peach than pink, and absolutely gorgeous. I would compare the beaches in Bermuda to those of Hawaii in their beauty. The colors and rock structures make every view better than the next.image

We of course spent a lot of time bugging the very kind and educated cab drivers about where we could find the “really pink” sand. Two of them told us to dig a little and the pinker sand was deeper. Hahahahaha!!!!! Good one! The deeper sand is wet, and you know how wet things look darker than dry? Well it’s true of sand also. They must just love that little joke there 🙂image

While I didn’t see the super pink sand I was hoping for, I found peach sand which is beyond lovely, and discovered an island which is unique in every way. I would absolutely revisit Bermuda, especially when the Fairmont is doing one of their super specials. I would not cruise there again because the first 2.5 days felt too long and many of the fellow passengers were quite obnoxious. It’s an easy flight and would make a great weekend trip. I guess I will still have to search for the “really pink” sand. I hear there is some in Thailand!image

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