What’s up w the pools in Italy??

It’s May, I mean ute well into May, and the pools aren’t opened here in Italy. We arrived at the Molino Stucky in Venice, a hotel famous for its rooftop pool, and what do you know? The pool doesn’t open until May 15th. We will be back to the Stucky again for out last day here in Italy, but that last day is the 13th. What luck!! ­čÖü


I cancelled a great looking place booked in Florence  called the Mulino de Firenze because the most recent reviews mentioned that the pool was closed.  That pool, in the pictures online was what made me want to go there! I had dreamed about frolicking in that pool, next to the river Arno.

So I gambled…took my chances on Hotwire and lucked out with villa la Vedetta…nicer view and closer walk and really kind staff…and they have a pool! An amazing pool. We asked if the pool was open and were told that they needed to get some sort of government clearance…the water chemicals checked…blah blah, and that it would open in June. June?!?

Call me a spoiled American, bc I most definitely am, but seriously? I’m from Florida- everyone has a pool, and it’s heated when it’s cold and cleaned year round. Ok, so my family didn’t have one, but not a single one of my friends suffered like my sisters and I did!

Then there are all the ski lodges that keep their outdoor pools heated year round. A great idea right? The pool is there, it’s a selling point…why not make sure guests can use it??

I can’t figure out yet, is this cheapness ?(penny pinching- my LEAST favorite thing!) OR, is it bureaucracy? So many things seem complicated here. And that’s compared to home, where it’s already ridiculous. Thank God they’ve got the pasta, and the art, and the history, and the people! So we will gladly put up with it. Doesn’t mean we won’t mention it though…

Today we saw someone in the pool. We asked again and it seemed like it was unofficially opened. Hmm. Must get to the bottom of this!


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