Packing light for a long trip to Italy, can it be done?

Two weeks of glamour with a carry on. I’m so proud!


I’ve always been a big packer…when I first started traveling I was always concerned with “fitting in” with the locals. Because of this I would bring at least one huge suitcase (the size that airlines no longer allow without an extortionist charge) and of course a Grande carry-on. Even if it was three days, I would have the clothes for three weeks. I would see the “professional” travelers with their one carry-on and large purse and be so jealous! How did they do it? Well, i did it this time! Before you become too impressed, let me just admit that on my last weekend trip to NYC, I brought a large suitcase. Embarrassing. Now we are going on the longest trip we’ve taken yet and this is the time I’ve decided that enough is enough. I’ve packed light.
How can a girl who loves to dress do this? Well, the hint was in that last sentence: Dresses! They roll up to a tiny amount of space (rolling also prevents wrinkles) and voila, a dress is a complete outfit!
The weather in Venice and Florence Italy will be from 50-70 degrees. Pretty easy weather to pack for. So what did I bring?


* 7 dresses. (3 are day or evening)
* one pair of heels, wedge sandals, flats, boots, tennies
* 2 cardigans (one long warmer one and one light and short sleeve)
* 2 scarves (and I will wear a pashmina on the plane so make that 3 ;))
* black skinny jeans
* one set exercise clothes: lululemon zip-up and pant
* trench coat (wearing it on the plane again)
* two tanks and two t’s
* bathing suit (it stays packed!)
* undergarments and stockings-stuffed into my shoes
* samples of fave beauty products
* of course my essentials including journal, iPad, candle, etc.

Venice and Florence, I am ready for you! Gosh, I’m excited. This anticipation may be as wonderful as the actual trip! I feel pretty much giddy 🙂

2 thoughts on “Packing light for a long trip to Italy, can it be done?”

  1. Awesome! I Learned this lesson a long time ago after loosing one to many suitcases that I had checked! I bring two bags onto the plane and that’s it. It’s the only way to go!

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