Don’t be late to Boboli! Don’t be early either!


Oohhhh shiiitttt, we were late to the party again! By late I mean we were there 25 min till close!

Boboli is a gorgeous garden in Florence, a must see! After a late start, and a leisurely lunch at what we thought was an Indian restaurant (we had nan, tikka, palak paneer-the usual suspects) (Never call a Pakistani an Indian! lesson learned!) we decided to catch the park and purchase our 3 day Firenze pass there.
Holy moly, a mustached troll (straight from Harey Potter) answered the door when we, along w some Latinas (who tend to be late like us) asked to enter since the sign clearly stated it was open for 25 more min, and really we just wanted to buy the pass, she rudely turned us away. I was reminded that it is Friday night, so maybe she had a big date 😉

Welcome to Italy, where the relaxed schedule doesn’t necessarily go both ways. While 90% of the people you will encounter will blow your mind with kindness, there are still those who deplore tourists. Or maybe that’s everywhere…a few bad apples. We saw graffiti on the wall of a public park (closed already at 6 on a sunny day-weird) that said “If it’s called tourist season why can’t we shoot them?”

The bottom line is that tourists must be kind and respectful and hosting cities must be grateful for the influx of income that tourists provide. What could be more reciprocal?

Tomorrow we will see Boboli and put up loads of pics of the sure to be amazing garden. Ciao!!

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