Hey Italy, there’s this great invention: it’s called a screen


Something about writing at 5 in the morning after an all-night battle with Mosquitos makes me less diplomatic. So just be warned.

The view, look at this view! And you will love to look at it, Plus, generally in Italy you will find the main setting of the AC is set to not really go cooler than 72 degrees, and if you like it cool when you sleep, as we do, you may need the breeze and cool outdoor air to keep the room at the right temp. Well those big beautiful windows open straight up into the night leaving one…naked…exposed…to Mosquitos! This is not in one hotel in Italy, this is in EVERY HOTEL in Italy….at least every one I’ve been to. If you’ve seen otherwise please let me know!!

There’s this great invention, Italy: It’s called the screen: A mesh partition between inside and out. I knows windows with a screen can’t be leaned out of, they perhaps aren’t as classy or romantic…. But I’ll take them, please! Why? Nothing is less romantic that scratching your ten bug bites furiously, All Night Long, and, Nothing is more frustrating than hearing that buzz around your head again, after the windows have been closed for hours and you were sure you’d squashed the last blood-sucking one.

You know you’ve had one of these nights when: you’ve tried sleeping with the lights on, because they tend to swoop and strike in the dark, when you’ve set glasses of sweet liquid hoping they will drown in it. When you’re rooting for the few little spiders you see by the ceiling, and regretting killing that one the day you arrived (I mean, it’s like taking out out who is on your own team.)
When you get sleepy enough to fall asleep, only to be awakened to the buzzing near your ear. Then there are the nightmares where you hear the buzzing which isn’t even there. Dread.

You know, I’m from South Florida- mosquito land. But we had a solution there in the land of newly wed or nearly dead: The screen. And it worked. Screened in pools, screened in patios. Less stylish to look at, maybe, but usable space has it’s own glamour. The solution provided here: some plug-ins (pictured)…not working.

Next time I’m bringing my own solution like some serious bug repellent spray. Or a personal mosquito net. Or maybe I’ll call and ask about the screens 😉

One thought on “Hey Italy, there’s this great invention: it’s called a screen”

  1. Sounds like you had a tough night! But YES I 100% agree that there is nothing more annoying than mosquitoes biting and buzzing in your ear! I did read that Italy has an A/C issue in that the rooms are never cool enough. I too like my room freezing at night! Hope the hotel I stay in when I visit Milan in a month has a good a/c!

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