The private water taxi in Venice, a must do?



We spent a week in Venice this time and so spent  a lot more time sightseeing than usual. We stumbled across a music museum which was free and fantastic, we saw the Duomo, we leisurely took in every experience. Venice is just a gorgeous place, so when people say to “get lost” in Venice, they mean that you really don’t need to do the touristy things to enjoy yourself, in fact sometimes it’s better that way.

The first time we went to Venice we took the water taxi to and from our hotel, and although it was pricy, it was Incredible. When I say pricy I mean 80-100 euros. It’s a lot. Because of this trip being a longer one we decided to be more practical and use public transportation the whole time, well, except for that magical gondola ride. 😉

Public transportation in Venice means: buses, and the Vaporetto (public water taxi) and Alilaguna (public boats which go to all islands and airport.) All are super easy to use. They are also fun! The views are great, the people watching is even better. Dogs are welcome! How neat is that?

So anyway, we agreed no private water taxis this time. But sometimes things don’t go according to plan. 🙂
Too bad, so sad, we were running late the morning of our departure and needed to get to the airport pronto. We had just missed the free hotel shuttle so we had no choice but to take the private taxi!


Shoot! I say this in a very sarcastic way because nothing could have been a better send off than those last views. The sun, the sea-spray, the crumbling buildings that are still so beautiful, the boats for every purpose, the snow-capped Dolomite mountains in the background, *sigh* it was a dreamy exit. So glad we Had to do it!

So I have to say: if given the choice of a private water taxi ride in Venice, or a day at several museums, I’d take the taxi ride. It’s just that good.



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